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Standard two meters long model with straight dihedral and ailerons. It is possible to use bungee, tow or electric drive with this model.
Standard version has a wing with an S 7012 profile and V-tail. You can order the glider with an SD 7037, MG 06, MH 32 profile, with flaps or cross tail.

This package includes:
- fuselage - composite made of epoxy resin, fiberglass, carbon and kevlar
- wings - based on epoxy resin, wood veneer, balsa wood, expanded polystyrene, fiberglass, carbon and kevlar
- tail - selected balsa wood, hinges in elevators need to be glued
- accessories - all that you need to assemble your model: bolts, nuts, horns, plywood, etc.
- manual
This kit does not contain electric or electronic components and glue.