Blejzyk – Producer of RC gliders



We would like to introduce to you, our professionally manufactured RC gliders and powered gliders with electric motors. Our glider range covers aircraft suitable for inexperienced pilots,to experienced and competition pilots. You may order a kit or ready-to-fly model.

NEW !!! 3 variants of the fuselage construction

Our models can be made in one of three versions: a fixed-nose glider and an open cab [Variant 1], or an powered glider with open cab [OPTION 2] and a classic glider with a sliding nose [VARIANT 3]. In the glider, the choice of one of the solutions is just a matter of personal preference, but open cab solution in the powered glider allows for convenient access and replacement of batteries without disassembling the wings.

Our long experience in designing and producing RC gliders, as well as our passion for flying ‘small’ planes are the best guarantee of the quality of our products.

What do we offer...

Technological development, advancement in electronics, new drives and power sources give new opportunities for the development of model building. Smaller radios and servos, Li-Pol batteries, brushless motors, 2.4Gh technology have all changed the world of models.

Nowadays you don’t have to use bungees, towing or a strong arm, to get your model airborne, as powered gliders are becoming far more popular. Just a few years ago powered gliders weighed a lotmore than today, and they were more like jet planes than gliders, especially when it came to charging their batteries. New models are for sure more efficient and lighter, they have longer lasting batteries, and so they can give you much more satisfaction.


Still, if you prefer flying on slopes and you would rather have a ‘pure’ glider, we can give it to you.

Gliders are very suitable for beginners. They are cheaper, lighter and it ‘hurts’ less when you crash it. But what is more important, is that they teach you a respect and all the basic rules of controlling RC models.

Most of our models may be completed with an electric drive, but we guess the best idea would be to get some skills on a dedicated glider (for example on a glider for slopes) first and then getting a proper powered glider.